We hope that sharing these “Frequently Asked Questions” will help answer any questions that you might have about the mobile Ceramic Birthday Parties created by Cheshire Cat Crafts. If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us: info@cheshirecatcrafts.co.uk or telephone: 07871 521 637.

1. I’m interested in having a party for my Son/Daughter at home, is this ok?

Yes! We suggest that we use the kitchen or similar space to locate the painting activity where there is a table and chairs to use. If there are more than 10 children coming, it is advisable to do the painting activity in two groups so don’t worry about not having a table to seat all the children in one sitting!

We will of course use a table cloth and will clean up as we go along. It is important to have access to water and a sink would be fabulous too. If you have the space but not the appropriate tables/chairs for the children, we can provide these too, however you shall need to book this as an additional item at the time of the booking. The fee to hire table/chairs is a one off fee of £10.00

2. We have hired a village/church/school hall for the party, can Cheshire Cat Crafts come there to do the party?

Yes! This will not be a problem. However, we shall need access to water and a sink. Also, we shall need tables and chairs to cater for the number of children that you have invited to the party.

If you have the space but not the appropriate tables/chairs for the children, we can provide these too, however you shall need to book this as an additional item at the time of the booking. The fee to hire table/chairs is a one off fee of £10.00.

3. What age are the painting parties aimed at?

We have been booked for a range of events from Christening and 1st Birthday parties through to parties for ladies with wine! At Christening parties, the Parents have requested that everyone paint a plate. The younger attendees created a footprint plate with the child’s name and date of birth and/or date created and the older children could decorate theirs in their own unique style.

For those parties for children aged 3+ the children have been provided with a palette, paint and paintbrushes and encouraged to create their own masterpieces! The brighter the better! We then personalise them with their name and age.

We have also been asked to attend Mums coffee and cake gatherings in a Parents house. The Mums arrange the date and time and they each created gifts for themselves and for other family members. Some of our evening appointments are Mums without their children, arranged purely as a “Mums Night Out” and these become very creative indeed with the aid of some wine!

4. What is the minimum numbers of children who can attend?

Due to the cost of kiln firing, the smallest number of children who can attend a party is 8. This number covers the cost of the firing of the ceramic pieces. There is no maximum number of attendees however it does depend on the amount of space that you have available and also the amount of stock that we bring with us. Please contact Cheshire Cat Crafts to discuss your idea.

5. We have 8 children booked for my Daughter/Son’s party but we have had two other children who said they’d like to come, is it possible to add them in please?

Yes! As soon as possible, please inform Cheshire Cat Crafts so that we can ensure that we bring enough stock. We shall endeavour to provide them with the same item to paint as the other guests. However, this might not always be possible due to items being out of stock, but we shall always inform you of this and ensure that we have an alternative for them to paint.

6. We have 8 children booked in for my Daughter/Son’s party but one child is poorly on the day of the party and is unable to paint, will we be refunded their ceramic item?

Unfortunately, this will not be possible. Our costing is based on a minimum of 8 children attending each party.
7. Can each ceramic item have the child’s name put on it?

Yes! We recommend this so that it personalises each item. We shall ask the party organiser to complete a form with the names of all of the children who are painting on the day. We place the ceramic items into their own individual bag before transporting it to Cheshire Cat Crafts for personalisation, glazing and firing.

8. After the party, how long will it be before we get the ceramic items back?

It is our aim to return the fired ceramic items to you as soon as possible. We aim for this to be 7-10 days after the party. If there are any delays you will be informed at the earliest opportunity.
9. What happens if something breaks when fired?

Due to the nature of the material that we are working with ceramic items can break during the firing process. If this should happen then you will be offered a refund on the broken item or a re-make if this is possible.
10. How will the ceramic items be returned to me?

Each item will be individually wrapped and bagged with the name of the child on each bag, in a box for you. We do this to make it as easy for you as possible for you to distribute to the party guests. Each child loves to open their own masterpiece too!

11. The birthday child receives a complimentary gift, what exactly is the fingerprint plate and signature plate?
As a special keepsake for the birthday girl/boy we ask all of the party guests to create something special for their friend. For the younger children, we ask them to put their fingerprint on a plate and we write their name underneath. For older children, we ask them to write their name on a plate which we then glaze and fire to create a wonderful keepsake.


12. I want to book a party. How can I do this?

Please email info@cheshirecatcrafts.co.uk or telephone 07871 521 637 and confirm that the date and time is available.

You can also use our online booking form

If you have any further questions, however small, please do not hesitate to contact us.
We look forward to hearing from you.